I love community. I love connecting. I love sharing and encouraging. Things I’ve always known about myself but have become a greater desire in the last couple of years.
I love the reach that social media has. It’s like instant pen-paling. I had a pen pal when I was in grade-school. It took weeks for me to get a letter back. But I would wait in earnest every day for that mailbox to spit out penned words from a girl on the opposite coast. We had nothing in common. Like, at all. She was in to matchbox cars and balloons. I was in to curlers and faberge perfume. But we would write 3 page letters, front and back, and our differences didn’t matter. It was just fun to connect with someone we had never met.

So much has changed since then. We have Twitter, FB, Instagram. The stories we tell through pictures – so real. I often feel like I’m actually a part of it. Creepy? Maybe. Or perhaps it’s just that our lives shared is such a beautiful thing that it blesses my heart that I would be allowed in.

You all have been a part of our new journey with the release of my first book, And Now I Choose. And you all have been so encouraging and gracious through it all! You got to experience with my family and me something that means so very much to us. This was a long journey for us all. It wasn’t easy. But it was worth it. And you were there for every part of it.

You witnessed me becoming a new author – a new speaker. So many new things in my life right now. This is a brand new journey. Not only for me, but my family as well. And you’ve been a part of it all.

I want you to continue experiencing these firsts with me. For example…next month I will be speaking at my biggest gathering to date. Like, 1,700 women. Y’all. That’s a lot. And you know what…I’m gonna need your prayers. A lot of them. As I begin writing my message for this conference, I’m gonna need a lot of your prayers.

I won’t always post quick tidbits on line. I’d much rather go deeper, in detail, and share with people who really want to know what is happening in the Hodge Lodge and their new journey.

So I invite you to join our journey. If you are already a part of my Newsletter then you will begin receiving more personal emails and updates and special something-something’s from time to time. If you are not on my Newsletter list then I am asking you to consider signing up and jumping into our families crazy new journey. I would love, and truly be honored, to have you a part of it knowing we have your prayers and encouragement.

It’s super easy and you wouldn’t get more than two or three a month. But what you’ll get is stuff I won’t be dishing online. For what it’s worth, you’ll get the reserved moments. The moments I will set aside for a trusted few.

I hope you will prayerfully consider stepping into the Hodge Lodge on a whole new level. Hope to see you soon!!

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