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This is a personal promise I made to myself four years ago in regards to friendships; building them and keeping them. It can save a lot of awkward moments and hurt not only for me but others as well.

It has freed me up, too. Instead of worrying what the other is thinking and trying to manufacture something that is destined to fail, I simply read the non-response.

Marriages, friendships, parents/children, business/customer, they all must reciprocate to flourish. Otherwise, there is no mutual understanding of well, anything.

This motto of mine has helped me a great deal with our current church fundraising season. First, as I have stated several times before, I am the universes worst fundraiser. Look, I can’t be great at everything, right? 😉 But I am less afraid to talk about it. It’s an honor to fundraise for such an incredible ministry and mission. We get to do this!

All this to say, I understand why some people don’t respond. I’ve been there. We can’t be a part of everything. We can’t help everyone. And one’s passion might not be yours – and that’s ok. It isn’t personal.

That’s huge – It isn’t personal.

I can walk away from a non-response completely unhurt.

While I know that a big part of what we are doing here depends on donations, I am also aware that our ultimate dependence is on God. You see, last summer I was lamenting before the Lord, and for several minutes God let me gripe, and I griped good – it got kind of colorful, I gotta be honest. Then I stopped. I just ran out of words and as clear as anything I’ve ever heard, these words reverberated in my ears:

Tam? Why are you depending on others to meet your needs?

Y’all, that was not easy for me to write out and share. But it was a defining heart moment. It was the kick in the pants I needed. And because of that beautifully humbling moment, I now depend on God to move in the hearts of those HE WANTS to be a part of this new church mission. I will be faithful to talk about it and make personal asks – but it is up to God to move on our and the church plant’s behalf.

Can you see how freeing that is? It is so good!! Do I have the freak out moments? Ya betcha! But the church foundation is being built; we have not gone without food or shelter, and God is still God, and that is the one thing in life I know will never change and will always remain!

So, if you were an acquaintance of mine that tapped out or a potential donor that doesn’t want to partner or just can’t…

IT’S OK!!!

I promise you with all my promises – it is ok. You know why? And I hope you receive this for your own life – God is aware and perfectly capable of moving in people and building what he wants with willing hearts. Period. That’s on him. The pressure is off of you and me; we just need to be faithful and show up.