Have you ever gotten to the end of a day and realized you barely, fully, exhaled one time? Days that are so jammed-packed full of great opportunities and moments worth noting and you wouldn’t trade it in for the world? 

April has been a crazy busy month for me. Lots of interviews, meetings, strategy planning sessions with the best, and my head is spinning! And this last week of the month is no exception!

I have two more Skype interviews this month and a few other appointments and then…. I am taking the month of May off! It’s time to refill my tank so I can pour it all back out again! I’m not saying no to work, obviously, just the extras. And I am still convincing myself that that is okay to do? Have you ever struggled with this?

I plan on snap chatting my interviews, so if you’re on snapchat go find me! I’m Tam Hodge over there – because that’s my name 😉

One more thing! And this is my favorite thing. My amazing husband officially became my manager two months ago. Notice the clever name I have given him…

He saw that I was flailing and in desperate need of his expertise, so he stepped in and saved the day… just like he always has. This man works beyond full time and then chooses to give his spare moments, whenever he can grab them, to me. And today, he dealed and sealed his first contract for me!!! Because he is a boss! 

So go congratulate him for me because he deserves it!

And remember to find me on snapchat so you can be a part of my last crazy week of April!!


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