A lifetime of memories. A lifetime of choices. A lifetime of highs and lows. Laughter. Tears. Successes. Failures. This is life.

Sometimes life happens to us – Sometimes… we happen to life.

When life seems filled with pain, it’s easy to tuck all those moments away. Hide the hurts, deny the hurts. We convince ourselves that if we can pretend they do not exist, that if we can no longer see them, then we will no longer feel them. But it’s all still there. They wait in the dark corners for the perfect time to haunt us. To remind us that they own us. That we’ve let it own us.

But can you remember the highs? The good? The days when you felt on top of the world where nothing could bring you down?

Your first date.

Your first car. 

Finding your best friend.


Oh, but there they are again. They’ve gone and shown up, uninvited. The memories that hurt. The ones you can’t bear to recall. But they’re a part of your life too.

The reminder that being a child hurts at times. 


The marriage that left you scarred. 

The baby that never was. 

The voices that whisper you are not worthy of forgiveness. 


So much of our lives journeys hinges on one word… Choose.

There are many things in life that are beyond our control. But at the end of the day when you are faced with being a warrior or a victim – When you are faced with forgiving or holding a grudge – When you are faced with fighting back or taking the high road… You get to choose how you respond. And that is a pretty incredible gift and should leave you feeling empowered. 

YOU get to choose. 

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