I’ve always leaned toward the funny side of life. That is my comfort zone, I guess. I gravitate to funny people. I love a good sense of humor – dry, forced, natural, doesn’t matter. Make me laugh and you’ll make a friend!

I also love a good deep conversation. Although, politics make me wanna peel that super thin layer of whatever that is off the top of my eyeballs.

If I were to be stranded on an island and had to be stuck with one person… I would hope it would be someone who has a mean sense of humor. Ryan Reynolds.

Studies have shown that laughter is healing. In fact, I remember reading once about a man who was given two months to live. He went home and was determined to defy that diagnosis. He had no family left and only a few friends. So he rented months worth of comedy movies. He watched them, one after another for months and months. At the time I read this story, it had been two years since his 2 month death sentence. As far as I know he’s still alive and kicking.

Laughter has been a great friend to me. In a season where there are so many unknowns and confusion, I have been able to laugh in the face of all of it. Not in naivete or arrogance, but because, truth be known, I can laugh in confidence because I am certain that God is for me. When the weight of the world sucker punches the living good out of you, you still will have the choice to smile, laugh, find joy – somehow, somewhere.

If a dying man can choose to fight off death with laughter, surely we can embrace its medicinal wonders, too!

What is one thing that is always certain to make you laugh?
And when is the last time you belly laughed hard? Why?

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