I’ve never been a list girl. Making lists, to-do’s, spreadsheets, always overwhelm me. I end up feeling more paralyzed by the list than by the things on the list. It’s how my brain works. I’ve no explanation, just acceptance.

That was until my husband created a “2016 Goals For Tam” list for me. Suddenly, I’m okay with it! I came home one night and he excitedly presented me with a google document of goals I need to meet by the end of 2016. At first I was like… You don’t know me! And then I was like… He totes knows me – and there is no way I am not gonna meet these goals. He will not see me fail.

It’s the challenge.

I finally figured it out. And while I am not a competitive person, I do like me a good challenge. I don’t have to win, but I do have to do my best. So when I am presented a challenge, that right there is a game changer. 

Which got me thinking… I have not been challenging myself enough. I’ve been far too easy on myself. Brent saw that and he stepped in. So, game on.

Are you finding yourself flailing a bit? Perhaps there are things you’d like to achieve but don’t know how to achieve them? Consult with a couple trusted people in your life. Let them in. Maybe they can help you and create a plan of attack for/with you. It would be instant accountability, which is always a great motivator!

How do you best achieve your goals? What is your routine?

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