I turned 45 in November. Do you remember being in the single digits and thinking that double digit 40’s would literally be the death of you? It’s so old. It really isn’t. It’s a state of mind, right? 

Every picture I posted on my 45th birthday, I hash-tagged #LiveYOURLife. I spent much of my 44th year discovering me, thickening my skin, gearing up for a beautiful, but tough, ministry. I had to choose to live MY life and not the life others preferred. Nearly every day I asked myself… Who are you, Tam? I challenged myself to step out and live my life. So, now, I’m challenging you.

What do you love to do? What fires you up? What breaks your heart?

How do you feel when people push back on your passions? Do you shrink back?

Moment of honesty here… I sometimes do. I talk a lot about abuse. I talk a lot about abortion, life, and the value of all life. I get push back on this all the time. It’s not the trendy topic. This isn’t a warm-fuzzy, attractive, ministry journey I’m on. 

Do you ever feel like what you’re doing doesn’t matter? Do you ever want to give up because the masses around you say it is pointless?

Well, I am here to tell you to keep going. And you keep going so hard that it makes your nay-sayers heads spin. 


At the end of your life, your journey, do you want to sit there and say you didn’t follow your heart because “they” said you couldn’t, or shouldn’t?

This isn’t “their” life. This is your life. Only you get to live it. You are filled with a passion and a purpose unlike anyone else. You might share similar passions as others, but you get to live yours out uniquely.  

You have purpose. You have passions. You have permission to make no apologies for making a difference in your world.

When we breathe our last breath it should be filled with fulfillment, not regret because we allowed others to dictate our journey. 

Live your life.

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