I have no right to belittle you for what you stand for.

I have no right to look down on you because your passions in life don’t look like mine.

I have no right to tell you you’re wrong just because I believe I am right.

And this is why I don’t shrink back when I meet opposition. My story is not your story. My journey is not your journey. But my story is needed. And so is yours.

You don’t need my permission to tell your story, and I don’t need your permission to tell mine.

And this is why you will never see me fighting against something. I will always stand for something. Keeping the focus on, what I believe is, the positive. That’s what matters.

@@How much more could we accomplish if we used our energy, our voices, our time, to stand for good rather than shouting what we are against.@@

I’ve just learned in my life that the more I focus on the negative, the more negative rules. But the more I focus on the good, the positive… well, then positive rules.

It’s my choice. And I am choosing joy. I am choosing good. I am choosing life. I am choosing love. I am choosing grace.

I am also choosing to stick to my guns, my passions, my calling, my convictions. And I will live them out without putting you down because Love wins.

Love wins every time.

DO the same. @@Let’s change this world with our love. Because hate will not accomplish any good.@@


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