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I’ll be honest – I do not like exercise metaphors.

Growing in the Lord is like growing your biceps. It takes hard work. With every set of weights you lift, your muscles tear, and while it hurts – it is also making you stronger. This is how you grow.

Blah. Blah. Blah.

But y’all, I was at the gym last night and Brent made me do drop sets with him and, woah! First, all I really wanted to do was drop kick Brent for making me do drop sets with him. But lets be honest – I couldn’t lift my leg high enough to kick a speed bump, so he was safe.


That is not me ^^^^ I am currently made up of skin – ligaments – fat – bones. 

Anyhoo, drop sets are basically using lower weights until your muscles are fatigued. And I have to say- I could not help to think about how similar my fatigued arms felt while lifting those weights, and how fatigued my spirit has felt from carrying so much weight lately. However, one is meant to help me, and the other is not meant for me to carry.

In order to grow, yes, we must do the hard work. But for me, as a believer in God, I must remember not to act in His place. Some weights were not meant for us to carry. Unfortunately the weights in the gym are meant for us. But I am learning what weight I am to bear, and what weight I am to trust God with. Not easy to do. It literally feels like my trust muscles are getting the biggest workout ever. And although I dislike these metaphors, I know with my trust muscles being torn it is the best thing for me. I will walk away stronger and more prepared to handle more of the journey.

Have you ever felt this way? Have you gone through times of stretching to the point where your whole person is fatigued? Yah, me too. And I don’t know that I have a golden nugget of encouragement or wisdom for you, only that I do know that when God places drop sets in front of us, we can trust that it’s because He is preparing us for something greater and He is helping us to take it on.

So in closing I must confess something: My arms are so fatigued and shaky that it took me, at least, three times longer to type out this post than normal. How am I going to lift my coffee to my face today?! 

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