Resolutions. Words. Goals. Optimal Challenges.
So many ideas to grab onto to help us start our New Year off strong. As I considered so many options to choose from I remembered something I had shared in 2014 but couldn’t find it on my social media’s, or the verse that went with it. I could only remember my comment being “Today, I will measure my words.”

Wanting so badly to find the verse that inspired those words in me, I finally took to the google’s and searched “power of our words”. Y’all – Woah. There are a lot of verses on this topic. Verses that communicate this far better than I can. All I know is that every single word that comes out of my mouth will impact my life, or someone else’s, in some way. We hold so much power in our words. I don’t want to abuse that freedom.

So what does measuring my words mean? 

It means I continue to be an encourager. It’s like my favorite thing to do!
It means I consider more the need to share a word in a moment when I may need to simply be an ear.
It means owning that I don’t always have, or have to have, the answer.
It means occasionally withholding words that fall on deaf ears that suck the life out of me.
It means sometimes I will have to say hard things whether I want to or not.
It means using my voice more than my thumbs. A phone call or coffee date can mean so much more than a text.

In short…It means choosing my words carefully. When to use them and when to not use them.

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This isn’t a New Year Resolution. It’s a daily awareness I am choosing to embrace and put into action. I believe it will change me, challenge me, and help me to measure each moment with delicate care.

What are you choosing to focus on today?


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