^^^ Right??
Your mistakes don’t make you a mistake. And if anyone suggests such a thought to you they are wrong. Deeply wrong. If you have told yourself that you’re a mistake then you are wrong too. Yes, I said it. You are not a mistake because you’ve made mistakes.

May I suggest that you are quite fortunate because of them? Yes, yes I may.

Mistakes left alone, coddled, or used as a crutch aren’t really worth much. But mistakes that are viewed as building blocks, stepping stones, learning experiences…now those have worth.

[Tweet “You make a mistake by not learning from your mistakes.”]

Don’t miss those opportunities. Ok, yes, you will have to revisit your poor choices that caused the mistakes. That’s life. But revisit them and evaluate the ‘why’ and the ‘what now’. Stay with them long enough to get some clarity and then choose to grow from them and move on. Hold your head up high and know that you chose to take a low moment and make it a highlight moment in your life’s journey. And more importantly, know that your courage and willingness to choose well will empower others to be brave, too!

[Tweet “Never mistake the power of a redeemed mistake.”]

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