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I have always struggled with confidence. I remember as a child giving up on anything at the first hint of difficulty. I rarely believed in myself, although I did believe I was Wonder Woman most days of the week. Oh, the irony.

Doing something wrong or making a mistake always equated to failure. So, instead of failing, I didn’t try.

But my years enrolled at the school of hard knocks snapped me out of that mindset. Having to navigate the effects of abandonment, abuse, and just stupid choices I made toughened me up.

You might be aware that we moved to Hollywood to begin a unique church movement in this community. We have been here since the end of May, and we immediately dove into this mission we’re called to.

And we have made a ton of mistakes so far. Like, come on Hodge’s, get with it already! But we are not giving up. We are trying everything. And we are making progress! It takes a lot to start a movement like this, so we must give ourselves grace.

Mistakes are proof that you are trying.

Mistakes aren’t the end all. They are pauses, moments for you to reflect and regather. Take time to circle back around and regroup. Then, begin again. If you believeĀ in what you are doing, mistakes will not cause you to fail; they will help you prevail.

And in full disclosure, I must share my first attempt at the above photo.


See! Mistakes are inevitable!


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