Can you believe we are less than two weeks away from Easter? Even though last week we just celebrated New Year’s day?! Easter is one of my favorite days of the year. Not just because of the candy and the cute little outfits that all the littles wear – but because this day reminds me of the true power of God. It also reminds me of how He raised me from my death as well.

I’m an eleventh hour saved soul, folks! God swooped in at the last minute and said, “Nope. I’ve got you girl, and I’ve got big things for you and Me.”

One of my favorite songs is Jesus Paid It All. And the bridge of this song slays me every. single. time.

“O Praise the one who paid my debt – And raised this life up from the dead.”

Just writing those words has left me in tears and chills. My soul never grows weary of seeing and singing them. 

The eleventh hour. God is so good at showing up just in time. When we think we are out of His reach or sight, He has already planned His swooping us up moment

I was two steps away from walking away from everything. Family, potential, life. My first husband had just taken his own life. I had nothing of my own. No home. No car. No friends. No support. No hope… Seemingly, no future. 

But someone invited me to church and everything changed. Everything. And that is where I learned that He has paid my debt. That is where He raised me up from the dead.

So friends, this Easter… I challenge you to reach out to someone whom you know is two steps from walking away from everything. And tho they may not know it yet, they are desperately depending on you to reach out to them.

God is God. He can raise anyone He chooses from the dead. A literal death, an emotional death, a death of hope – He can. Let Him do His business of saving souls… but do your part of reaching out to them.

I am so grateful that my friend, Brian, did his part way back in 1990.

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