There’s a bunch of chatter and attention being given to women who wear leggings and yoga pants outside of their homes. Whether it be for fashion or functionality…it’s getting some big notice as of late.
I wear leggings. I don’t wear Yoga pants because I don’t do the Yoga’s. But I love my leggings. I wear them with long sweaters and under dresses. I never expose my bootay while wearing them. That seems a bit much to me. Not just because I don’t want to cause someone to look at me lustfully, but[t] because my bootay, y’all. It’s a public service. Just trust me.

I believe we have a responsibility as women to honor our bodies and present ourselves respectfully. I believe that even though I am wearing that long sweater over leggings I still may catch the attention of a man’s lustful eyes and thoughts. I am not setting out to do so, but it still could happen. I am not saying it does. But it may.

I’m reading of women deciding not to wear leggings and Yoga pants in public anymore for personal convictions and to help her fellow man not lust after her. I think this is very commendable and I respect them highly with a million golf claps!

But I wonder if those same women are going to cut out their very fitted, low waist, designer jean that, let’s be honest, shows just about all the same stuff. In fact, I think those jeans are way more flattering and attractive than leggings are any day.

Spaghetti-strap sundresses are equally flattering and very sexy on some women. Again, in my opinion, way more worthy of a lustful eye than a pair of leggings.

I get not wanting to make it more difficult for a man to withhold his lustful glances than it already naturally is for them. And maybe that’s the exact thing that rubs me a little bit with all of this. I’ve been out running errands in jeans and a t-shirt and have been gawked out by men before. I’ve been out in sweatpants and have gotten the look, as well. Men do that. That’s how they’re wired.

No, I do not want to purposely cause them to lust after me by the way I dress. But it’s going to happen no matter what we are wearing. But if taking leggings out of your wardrobe gives you piece of mind then I think you should absolutely do so!

Now, men…come on now. Quit looking at our booties in Kroger when your wife is in the diaper aisle with your toddler on her hip trying to find the best priced Pampers. At the end of the day, I believe just as much responsibility lies in your court. No one is making us look one way or the other. That is our choice. Yes, a woman’s presence may get your attention, and I think that’s natural and acceptable. But you choose to let it keep your attention. No amount of legging bans can ever touch what you allow your thoughts to fixate on.

SO…we all have a part to do here. Women…follow your convictions and respect yourself. Men…choose your thoughts wisely and respect yourself, and us, as well.

These are my opinions. If you have yours I welcome them, as always! Though I do expect respecting one another.

Please share your thoughts!


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