My Name Is Tam And I Wear Leggings

There’s a bunch of chatter and attention being given to women who wear leggings and yoga pants outside of their homes. Whether it be for fashion or functionality…it’s getting some big notice as of late.
I wear leggings. I don’t wear Yoga pants because I don’t do the Yoga’s. But I love my leggings. I wear them with long sweaters and under dresses. I never expose my bootay while wearing them. That seems a bit much to me. Not just because I don’t want to cause someone to look at me lustfully, but[t] because my bootay, y’all. It’s a public service. Just trust me.

I believe we have a responsibility as women to honor our bodies and present ourselves respectfully. I believe that even though I am wearing that long sweater over leggings I still may catch the attention of a man’s lustful eyes and thoughts. I am not setting out to do so, but it still could happen. I am not saying it does. But it may.

I’m reading of women deciding not to wear leggings and Yoga pants in public anymore for personal convictions and to help her fellow man not lust after her. I think this is very commendable and I respect them highly with a million golf claps!

But I wonder if those same women are going to cut out their very fitted, low waist, designer jean that, let’s be honest, shows just about all the same stuff. In fact, I think those jeans are way more flattering and attractive than leggings are any day.

Spaghetti-strap sundresses are equally flattering and very sexy on some women. Again, in my opinion, way more worthy of a lustful eye than a pair of leggings.

I get not wanting to make it more difficult for a man to withhold his lustful glances than it already naturally is for them. And maybe that’s the exact thing that rubs me a little bit with all of this. I’ve been out running errands in jeans and a t-shirt and have been gawked out by men before. I’ve been out in sweatpants and have gotten the look, as well. Men do that. That’s how they’re wired.

No, I do not want to purposely cause them to lust after me by the way I dress. But it’s going to happen no matter what we are wearing. But if taking leggings out of your wardrobe gives you piece of mind then I think you should absolutely do so!

Now, men…come on now. Quit looking at our booties in Kroger when your wife is in the diaper aisle with your toddler on her hip trying to find the best priced Pampers. At the end of the day, I believe just as much responsibility lies in your court. No one is making us look one way or the other. That is our choice. Yes, a woman’s presence may get your attention, and I think that’s natural and acceptable. But you choose to let it keep your attention. No amount of legging bans can ever touch what you allow your thoughts to fixate on.

SO…we all have a part to do here. Women…follow your convictions and respect yourself. Men…choose your thoughts wisely and respect yourself, and us, as well.

These are my opinions. If you have yours I welcome them, as always! Though I do expect respecting one another.

Please share your thoughts!


22 thoughts on “My Name Is Tam And I Wear Leggings

  • Yes, men will look all the time. Wearing leggings without a long shirt is really not flattering on anyone unless you’re Heidi Klum! I say wear what makes you feel good. You are only responsible for your own thoughts.

  • Yes!! Thanks for this. I think it truly is case by case. I wear leggings and cover my bum when I do. All these women saying “no one” and “everyone” are insensitive to the differing lives of all women and moms. I have friends who wear them post partum or while they’re trying to lose weight. They can’t afford more expensive pants or maybe someone has a medical condition that makes it hard to wear regular clothes. There’s just differences in all our lives. I love this article!

  • Thank you for pointing out how jeans can be just as list full thought inducing as leggings/yoga pants! I’ve always thought it unfair and s exist how men can wear what they want and not be criticized but women wear one thing that can be seen as lustful thought inducing and suddenly we shouldn’t do wear it anymore. I mean come on, if this is the case then men who have big arm muscles need to wear oversized long sleeve shirts to hide them because yes I think muscles are attractive but I DO NOT lust after other men because of muscles! That is an issue within the person lusting after a man or a woman! Too me the leggoing issue seems to be another suppressant on women.

    • Ok…random question here, but kinda not….why can men with man-boobs walk around shirtless but women can’t?

  • Some women just shouldn’t wear them… I know they’re comfortable and all, butt…We are created to be attracted to the opposite sex…. But purposely dressing or behaving in a way that is sexually provocative is an issue with that person having low self esteem or a need to be noticed. Men can not be let off the hook as far as their response either…. Both sexes need to be aware of Gods position on lust and act/dress accordingly… Just my opinion….

    • Yes…the purposely part is where I draw the line. And that goes back to taking responsibility for our own actions and thoughts.

  • There’s always the burka! I guess the question is, where does it end? No shorts in the summer, no bathing suits in the tropics, no mini-skirts or heels on date night, etc… Men and women are built by God to be attracted to one another. The attraction is not the issue and no matter what you do to cover up your figure, you’re still going to turn around and find some hairy beast feasting his eyes upon you. What happens beyond the feasting is where the trouble begins. As Tammy points out, this is a two way street. For both sexes it’s about surrendering your mind to God and if your married keeping your libido 110% tied to the heart of your spouse. Other than that, IMO wear what your comfortable wearing and worry about your eyes, thoughts and hearts, not theirs.

  • Our former pastor’s wife always spent copious amounts of time talking about modesty. Specifically, about cleavage.And if you ever saw her out and about, you would know why she only spoke about cleavage. Because every pair of pants she wore looked like they had been painted on her. Grr. It used to really irk me. And she ONLY wore tank tops and see through blouses over spaghetti strap undershirts.

    I better cover every micro-inch of boob, but a man isn’t left wondering what a sheer INCH of her bootay looks like????? And she might be technically covering her chest, but it doesn’t take MUCH imagination to see what’s under that camisole.

    Ahem. And I’m not even bitter.

    • It’s so hard to take someone seriously when they don’t practice what they preach. I get the frustration.
      I always say…grace upon grace upon grace. But it’s difficult sometime!


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