I’ve talked your ears off about the The Fabulous Conference I spoke at last week…I know. But I have one more thing to share with you; my very favorite moment.
Yes…Listening to all the women share their stories with me, trusting me, wow…so amazing. Hearing how uniquely God spoke to each of them…incredible. Seeing lives change before my eyes…mind blowing. These were some of my favorite moments for sure!!

But this next one…I will treasure in my heart forever.

At the end of my message I introduce my daughter. I had already shared about my abortions, my confessing them, my healing from them, and how they affected my family. I share how God is jealous for us. I share that I believe when I became pregnant with Kass that He was jealous for her and swooped in and saved her. She then sings “How He Loves” to close. It is a powerful moment and I hope one day you can witness it. And while that is a sweet moment for me; it was the next moment that undid me.

I walked off stage as she began singing the song. I was already in tears. I walked to my seat where my husband and son were. Brent to my right, Dakota to my left. Kass singing on the stage before us, and hearing Dakota, my other saved child; singing along with his sister…”He is jealous for me…”




Friends – Gods love and grace and mercy and forgiveness is AMAZING!

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