I am not a fan of referring to the abortion-minded woman as being in a “crisis pregnancy.”

There-I-said-it. In fact, I am not a fan of most terms used regarding this topic. 

I’ve always thought of a crisis pregnancy being one that is a result of rape, molestation, and of course a life or death situation for baby and mother. My heart breaks for these women. I have known some women in these situations and it is truly horrific.

We’ve seen the numbers and are aware that a very low percentage of abortions are performed due to the reasons above. Crisis.


My pregnancies that I ended in abortion were not crisis pregnancies. They were a result of irresponsibility. No crisis. The real crisis was ending the lives of my babies. Yes, now that is a crisis. 

Calling a pregnancy that is an inconvenience, or unexpected, a crisis robs the beauty of the meaning of pregnancy.

To be pregnant is a gift.

To make a child and carry a human in your body is a miracle.

It is not a crisis just because you don’t want a child right now.

To be pregnant is one of the most beautiful moments in a woman’s life. A gift only women get. Sadly, some don’t get the chance. Countless women can’t get pregnant. Women lose their babies in the womb, or shortly after birth. We recently met with a young family who lost their twins in the womb at 22 weeks. My husband and I prayed over them and their precious children. That is a crisis.

So can we stop calling inconvenient pregnancies a crisis?  It’s offensive to those who are actually experiencing one.

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