We had such an amazing response to my new eBook pre-sale, that we did not want those who’ve already purchased the book to wait any longer than they need to. SO… we have been able to move the launch date of Choosing To Change to Monday, April 18th!!!


We are so excited to get this book into your hands sooner than April 25th! And even more excited that the new launch date is on our daughter’s, Kassidi’s, 22nd birthday!!! Happy Birthday, Kass! Yes, I gave birth to her when I was two. It’s a miracle.

Why am I so excited about this book? Because I am sharing with you the three truths in my life that helped me believe I was meant for big things! Having come from dysfunction and an abusive childhood, straight into a treacherous teen journey and a first marriage that ended in suicide… I dug deep and fought hard to find glimpses of worth. It wasn’t easy. It was scary. But I did it. And you can, too!! And I believe that this eBook will give you that kick in the rear you need! I like kicking rears =)

Order your book here!!

And know that you are in my prayers daily, and I believe you!






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