Something big occurred to me the other day when I was thinking about all the conversations I have had with post-abortive women, and men, over the years. It kind of rocked my world. Stay with me here.

Every time I receive a message from someone who opposes my stand for life, their argument is typically…

“How could you want to take rights away from women wanting abortions? So many of them are rape victims, incest victims.”

Sadly, rape and incest victims become pregnant as a result of such a horrific crime. And it is sickening. I can’t even begin to understand what these women feel like. And I don’t want to take away their rights. In fact, I don’t think abortion should be illegal.

Yes. You read that right. That is not what I am spending my time trying to accomplish. I want to see abortion become an obsolete alternative. I want to be a voice of options. And if after I have presented all the options, truths of abortion and post-abortive life, and a woman still chooses to abort her baby… that is her right. And I will still be there for her.

But back to the thought that occurred to me the other day. In all the years that I have spoken to post-abortive women – not one of their stories involved incest or rape. Not. One. The “reasons” I hear the most are…

I was too young.
I felt pressured.
I didn’t know what else to do.

Friends. This is why women are choosing abortion.

They are young.
They are afraid.
They are ill-informed.  

And this is why I am standing for them and their babies. Because lives do not deserve to end, and women’s hearts do not deserve to be broken, because we have failed to educate and surround them with support and non-judgmental, unconditional love. 

I would like to share one more reason I hear from women. Remember, I speak mostly at faith-based conferences and gatherings…

I didn’t feel I could tell anyone in my church.

Church people, leaders, Pastors… Stop pretending this isn’t a thing. This is a thing. This a big thing, and I am disappointed that you/we aren’t talking about it. Do you have any idea how many women are sitting under your leadership that are sitting with an abortion secret and they are dying inside? No. It isn’t your job to fix them. But it is your duty to let them know they are not alone. It is your responsibility to provide them a safe place to confess and grieve. Yes… it is. But when you don’t talk about it, or you skirt the issue, you’re telling them it isn’t worth it. You’re telling them they aren’t worth it. 

Church leader, may I encourage you to consider talking about this? If you have 100 women in your congregation, according to statistics, at least 33 of them have had abortions. And it is safe to say that a majority of them are sitting in your church in silence, riddled with shame and regret.

I’m just gonna leave it there for now… 



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