Outing His OCD

Choosing to share about our son’s OCD wasn’t easy for us. It was less easy for him, as you might guess. But like I always say… confession truly does bring freedom. It, at the very least, helps others not feel so darn alone. And this is what Kota’s confession has already done in just a few short days. He is so grateful! 

I am sharing 3 short #90orUnder videos with you today. There are 9 in this OCD Series. 

So please take a second and listen to our son talk publicly, for the first time in his life, about living with OCD.

2 thoughts on “Outing His OCD

  • I wanted to ask Kota if the yawning was to cover up another ocd move or if it was a yawn. The reason I’m asking is I have an ocd habit where I have to stretch my arms all the way out and then bring them back in to touch my face and I have to do it a number of times. As you could see this could be rather embarrassing in public. So if I have to do this on public I pretend to yawn and do this move just so people don’t think I’m weird. My other question is when your obsession over comes you and you begin to get anxious what do you feel will happen if you don’t do a certain thing ( like with the crack in the side walk) I wanted to ask because when I have to do something it’s because I feel if I don’t someone in my family or I will die or get hurt. Just curious….

  • Great job sharing Kota! My friend’s son has OCD pretty bad too. Sharing this post with her, she’ll love it & be able to relate as the mom in the situation! Maybe she’ll share it with her son. Look at you guys, sharing your stories & changing the world! xoxo

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