Last night a friend asked how I was doing after releasing the book and beginning to fill my calendar with speaking engagements. I was honest. I told her I have been extremely overwhelmed with it all. Being a self-published author can be tough. Everything rests on your shoulders. Thankfully I married a strong set of shoulders.
Just the night before my husband, Brent, and I realized something that totally shifted the weight of it all.

As I was writing my first Newsletter for #Choose30 I started getting all weepy. I mean, I barely have any estrogen left in my body, so the fact that I can create any tears at all is a miracle. So I apologized to my man for getting all snotty-teared. And that’s when it happened. The moment the shift happened.

Me: Babe…writing this Newsletter for the group is so amazing to me. I love encouraging people. It’s what fills me. I love cheering others on. I love helping others discover greater things.

Babe: That’s what you do well. So, do it. I know you don’t care for pushing yourself and your book on others…let me do that.

Me: So, I can be the heart and you can be the marketer?

Babe: Yes! Exactly. You’re good with your heart. I love the business side of it all. So let’s focus on what we are good at.

Ya know…I wrote about this exact concept in my book. In an Orchestra there are chairs. First chair, second, third, and so on. First chair doesn’t shine without second chair playing their part well. Third chair must play their part well, too. They all must own their part and play it well. They have to work together in their strengths to play their masterpiece.

Babe and I are going to focus on playing our parts. It actually works, y’all!

I was trying to play a part I am no good at. Like, not good at even slightly. You know what was happening as a result of that? My strengths were suffering. Instead of pouring my heart into others I have been preoccupied with stressing over how to get the message of my book out to the masses. That is not my skill set. But that is Babe’s skill set. So he can have at it!

[Tweet “It is a beautiful thing when you recognize what your strengths are.”]

It’s an even more beautiful thing when you exercise those strengths. When we play our part, what we are good at, it allows others to play their part, too.

We are all in this journey together. Let’s own our chair and play our parts well!

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