Goals. I used to cringe and break out in hives by that word. Until a month ago when my husband set my goals for me. One night I crawled into bed and he turned to me and said, “By the way… I put together your goals for 2016. Sleep sweet.. I love you.” And suddenly I’m okay with goals. I guess my issue all along was I didn’t know how to set them myself. No one knows me better than my husband – so what a deal! 

Then I saw the goals and about wet my pants. Y’all, they are audacious. They are big. They scare me. And they excite me! 

We have high hopes for this year! One of the most exciting goals is to reach more women and men with my story. Not for the sake of getting “my story” out there, but so that the story might reach into the heart of someone who has been living their life hiding in fear and owned by their past. I witnessed countless walls kicked down in 2015 by brave women, and also men, who finally chose to put their courage shoes on and do some forgiving, confessing, and healing. Their toppled walls brought freedom and allowed them to breathe deeply again. I never tire of seeing someone set free. And I want to see more!

So, why I am telling you all of this? Because if you’re reading this post you are likely someone who has prayed for and encouraged me along the way. Thank you – Sincerely. And I would like to invite you in to a little more personal, vulnerable, part of me by sharing with you my 2016 Goals.

My intention here is to build a trusted accountability circle that will have access to my goals, pray with us, encourage us, even be encouraged, and be on the inside of where this ministry is going. 

My 2016 Goals will be shared via my newsletter only, because not everything needs to be shared publicly. The whole journey will be in the newsletter. And I would love for you to come along with me!

Sign up below to receive my 2016 Goals on Wednesday, January 13th.

One last thing… These goals exist, and this ministry is thriving, in part, because you have been an encourager and a prayer. Thank you!!

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