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I exposed myself today.

Kass and I went to a friends house to use their pool. They’re out of town, and we are checking in from time to time to watch over the house – and today decided to plop down in their backyard.

I wore my swimsuit under my tank and pool skirt-thingy that, honestly, I wear around town far more than I should. But I dress for comfort, folks.

I never plan on removing my outerwear that would leave me exposed in my swimsuit. And before I go on, this isn’t one of those cheer women on posts that ends with a picture of me in a bikini. You’re welcome.

Anyhooooo, I stripped the outer layer off today. I didn’t like it. I gave myself a fright when I saw my reflection in the sliding glass window. I wanted to reject the sight, but there was no denying it was me! I didn’t beat myself up over it. What I see of me is what I’ve allowed. I’m not in shape because I’ve not tried hard enough. And that’s on me.

I hide underneath my dress-for-comfort clothes and joke that my style is BoHoBo and then pretend to like it.

But the truth is, I don’t like it.

And today was a huge eye opener for me – stupid sliding glass window.

I needed to see my reflection. I needed to feel the feels and understand how I have let all of this hold me back. The power is in my court. And I can fix this. It isn’t just about appearance and confidence – it’s about so much more. It’s about discipline, self-care, and respect, fueling my body with goodness so that it can pour it back out and you know what – I need to make this a priority especially in this busy ministry season God has us in.

I’ve got the good eating down – I just gotta get my lazy rear on board. And I will!

I will check in here at the end of the month and let you know how I’ve done. And I’ll be honest because, me –  It’s what I do 😉

If you’re brave enough, why don’t you share something you can work on this month and also check back in with me – Go ahead!