This Saturday was a pretty special day. My friend, Tyler Hunt from Save The Storks, contacted me last week to ask if I was available this weekend to film a video of my story. Of course I said YES.

So he shows up Saturday and we get right to work. BUT, I had no idea he would be rolling in on a STORK BUS!!! 

Y’all… I wept a little. I fan girl’d. I couldn’t stop looking out my front window at this bus. 

THAT is what I am raising money to build. That bus – right there. As of now we have raised $10,627.00 toward that beauty – which I refer to as hope on wheels. 

We shot the video – Took TONS of B Roll – and now it is in his qualified hands to put together. When it is finished I will share it with you. Part of the video has me in the bus, and I have to tell you… it was a sobering moment. That bus is what I was looking for when I was walking into Planned Parenthood in 1987. I was looking for a way out – I was looking for hope. I took it all in and I rejoiced in knowing that this is available now and that Storks is saving babies and saving women from heartache, regret, shame, and fear. 

I share about Storks in a short video HERE if you wanna learn more about it, and I know you do. But for now… I give you my series of short little video documentations of my Saturday with Storks.

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