She told me she wanted an abortion. She just didn’t want another child. She cried and tore a kleenex tissue into hundreds of shredded pieces while asking for my advice. Honestly, I didn’t have to say much. I told her that her seeking me out and meeting together that day meant she already knew what she needed to do. All I was doing was confirming for her what she knew. – And Now I Choose
Not everyone feels it necessary to be an open book. But it’s moments like the one above that keeps me sharing it all. Sometimes we just need to see a piece of ourselves in someone else. Another’s honesty and vulnerability can become someone else’s safe spot. Their new beginning.

I guess that sounds like a lot of pressure. But I see it as a true privilege.

I believe the more we speak of our own healing journey, the more other’s will seek their own healing journey.

Your story may not change the world. It may not change 100 people or even reach a 100 people. But what if your healing story helped change one person? And that one person was just about to give up, and your courage walked in just in time. That makes it all worth it.

I was blessed to be able to speak to a room full of young women last week. At the end of the evening several came to me to say they saw a glimmer of hope for their lives as they listened to me share. They began opening up, some for the first time, many through tears and shaky voices. But they found their courage in someone else’s story. Oh, how that fires me up and thrills me like nothing else!

I can’t believe I get to do this now! If you know of anyone who needs to see they are not alone in their healing journey – If there is someone who is struggling with forgiveness, regret, their past, abuse, abortion…please tell them about, or give them, my book. If I can help in any way in getting them my book please let me know! I didn’t write this book for money – I wrote it to give someone hope.




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