Sink Or Swim

One of the things I struggled with most while writing my book was mastering the art of elaboration. The art of drawing out a moment, an experience I was sharing, extending the details. I am a straight shooter – get to the point – we don’t have much time left on this planet – lets just get to it type of girl. 

So now that you know – I’m gonna get right to the point…

Sometimes we get too comfortable in our cozy life boat, sitting on the safe, still waters. But sometimes the wind picks up.
You can’t control the wind.

And sometimes the waters begin to rage – rocking your boat violently from side to side. 
You can’t control the waters.

Sometimes the storm tips your boat over, forcing you over the edge.
You can’t control the storms.

God controls the wind.
God controls the raging seas.
God controls the storms.

You decide whether or not you will drown in it.