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I wrote the below post almost ten years ago. It’s amazing how things have changed – and how they’ve not changed at all.


I have two children. There isn’t a day that goes by when I do not think about their future – Take stock of where they’re at now; emotionally, physically, spiritually. Sometimes my heart rejoices and sometimes it gets weary.

I look at the shape our world is in, our country, and it weighs heavy on my heart.

The other night I was talking about this with my FIL, and I told him there are times I pray my children never have the desire to have children of their own. I worry about my kids’ future in these times and the thought of them bringing children into an even more disgruntled society and leadership deeply concerns me.

Then I remember being a child myself, over hearing my family talk about how horrible the world was then. The wars. The famines. “Evil leaders.” The world was ending. And here I am today. I’m fine. Or at least, I’ve adapted.

Is that what we do? Adapt? Grow accustomed to dysfunction to where it becomes our “normal”? Is this how standards, convictions, and expectations change because we adapt to a shift in times and feel powerless in it?

Have we compromised too much?