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“My very favorite part about being a speaker is that I get to see women encouraged and inspired by my roller coaster. Because what they end up witnessing is God’s grace, forgiveness, and unrelenting love for His children. And what I have found is that this is what connects hearts and paves the way to confession as women recognize that it is safe to allow you into their roller coaster.”

— Tam Hodge


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Tam Hodge riveted our Fabulous Women’s Conference crowd with her compelling story and her authenticity. We loved her ‘just-a-girl-like-you’ style and sense of humor. Most of all, Tam pointed the ladies toward Jesus and begged them to draw to him. It was a pleasure and honor to work with her and I hope that our paths cross often in the future. 

-Barb Roose
Co-leader Fabulous Women’s Conference (CedarCreek Church)


Tam wields her voice for good. Her layers of transparency and vulnerability is refreshing as much as it is meaningful. Her story, heart, and worldview will resonate with any crowd she is in front of. 
-Chad Jarnagin
Founder of LUMINOUS project

Tam Hodge is authentic and candid. Her story is one that makes you lean in and wonder what’s next. I witnessed her transparency and great sense of humor break down walls that our listeners had before her sharing. By the end of her story and speaking- listeners were laughing, crying, and filled with hope. Tam’s willingness to proclaim how God has not only redeemed but restored her brokenness through her story is inspiring, hopeful, and empowering. Lives are impacted and changed through Tam’s sharing because a living God named Jesus has impacted and changed Tam. Every listener will encounter hope when they hear Tam share.  

-Shannon O’Brien
Lipscomb Director of Women’s Ministry