Staying The Course

I have to be honest here – because I don’t do well if I’m not being honest. And even when it’s not easy, I still have to be. Last week I shared a lot of how I feel about helping women make other decisions besides abortion. And I will get right to the purpose of this post… I got a lot of push back. More than I expected. Most of it was private.
I totally expected some to give me a hard time because they may not see abortion minded women the same way I do. And, thats ok. It really is.

But the harder push back shook me up a bit.

I am a people pleaser. So much so that I allow myself to get walked on. I allow others to control me and manipulate me. I’ve allowed it even recently and I have regretted it.

I told my amazingly supportive husband that I was afraid of shrinking back. Shrinking back. One of the big things I encourage others never to do. Yet, I felt victim to doing so.

All because I don’t like ruffling feathers.

Then, I sat quietly for a moment and was reminded of my journey, my entire life. I was not brought this far to let a few nay-sayers call my shots. It’s just not gonna happen.

This isn’t about them. Hell, it isn’t about me! It’s about life. No, I don’t mean “pro-life”… I mean quality of life, the hope of life, the reality of life, the beauty of life and all the gifts, blessings, opportunities, and purpose in, and of, life.

No one gets to tell me that I cannot share the beauty of life’s purpose and hope. No one.

So, I will continue on, unapologetically. If this ain’t your gig – that’s ok. Turn away. I will not be offended or think ill of you in any way whatsoever.

But I must stay the course that has been set before me.

And I will.


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  • Praise God! I envy your strength and courage to share and stick to how you feel no matter what anyone else thinks.

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