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There are two types of people in the world. The person who finds a hobby, interest, a new job, and enjoys it and finds much fulfillment <<< Me.

Then there’s the person who dives into it with everything they’ve got. They live it; they breathe it, dream about it, they become it <<< Brent.

Brent has always been the latter. It’s why he has been such a phenomenal pastor all these years. He’s an all-in type of guy!

When we aren’t working on the The New Church Of Hollywood, Brent is driving for Uber and Lyft to supplement our donations. He typically leaves around 4 pm and is out until about 10 pm to 1 am, depending on the day.

The next morning he tells me all about it – and man does he have some wild stories! He invests in every passenger and has had some wonderful conversations.

Then his focus turns toward our car. Everything must be in the best shape so that his passengers have the best experience. Again, it’s why he is such a great pastor. However, this takes a lot more work and creativity than it normally would for us.

Apartment living is limiting, to say the least. We frequent car washes, keep swiffers on hand, have a box with car cleaners and rags in the trunk to use whenever needed. Ok, maybe everyone does this, but we are just getting on board here. But the most challenging has been keeping the floor mats and seats clean after having 20+ passengers in the car each day.

So in typical Brent fashion, he has researched the best cordless vacuum out there and is planning to get it. It’s his dream. He has told me how he would use it when he would use it, where he would store it, and how this would make the passengers experience that much better. Again, always a pastor.

All this to say – I adore my husband’s pastor-heart. It never rests. It is forever aware of others and their experience. I also have one of the cleanest cars in southern CA! And as soon as we can get this sweet little vacuum, I’ll have the cleanest!

Questions for you: What is your favorite cordless vacuum? And, if you have ever used Uber or Lyft, I have to know if you have any wild story!! Do tell!