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This last week I was a part of a conference that isn’t your typical conference. Especially for women. This conference deals with issues that aren’t talked about much. Especially in the church.
We’re talking about porn addiction, sexual addictions, alcohol addiction… the things that aren’t seen with the eye, but they still exist.


I got to speak on the opening night. I shared my story of abortions – the shame and regret, the fear of being found out, the holy breakdown I had with God, the healing, the freedom.

The following day I was honored to present two Workshops on the topic.

And the closing day I was a part of a Q&A Panel that addressed some very deep questions.

I personally witnessed women choosing to break down their walls. I saw them fighting it – but still choosing to kick them down. I watched them realize that the arduous process of kicking those bricks down was far better than the pain of being imprisoned by them.

On my flight home I was thinking about all the women I met. I was touched by their presence. I was blown away by their courage. To choose to register for, and actually show up to, a conference of this nature takes courage. Then, to choose to share and be vulnerable… that’s a whole super-hero level of courage.

Healing is hard. Airing your dirty laundry is risky. But you know what I saw? It only took one woman to respond, to open up, before the next woman would open up… and then the next, and so on.

[Tweet “There is power in our stories. And there is mighty power in sharing our stories.”]

[Tweet “I believe that sharing our stories gives others permission to be courageous in sharing theirs.”]

We need to lock arms and live our journey together; holding one another up. The person next to you may not think like you, look like you, share the same struggle as you, or believe what you believe… but at our core – we all want to connect, belong, find a safe place to BE.

I am a better person today having met those brave women last week.

And I was reminded that we all have a story and a battle. Every single one of us.

As you go about your week and meet up with friends, meet a new friend, stand behind a tense person in line at Target – remember that we all have a story. Share a kind word, whisper a silent prayer, go the extra mile.

You never know whose battle you might bless.

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