I once heard it said that, @@Nature gives us color – Culture gives us art.@@

Everything around us is our canvas. Nature gives us form, shapes, smells, feel… We get to turn that into art.

I used to teach 2nd grade students. Way before I knew what my strengths were. I remember how frustrated I’d get when at art time I would supply the students with everything they’d need to create a masterpiece with and so many would just sit there, idle. Either not knowing what to do or doubting they could even do anything at all.

I wonder if God looks at all He has created and nods His holy head in approval at the tree who blooms spring after spring because that is what it was created to do. I wonder if He sings along with the birds, without fail, each morning – joining in on their choruses because that’s just what they do.

Then… I wonder if He shakes that same Holy Head of His in the same frustration I did at those 2nd graders because I am not, yet again, utilizing the tools and gifts He has set right in front me… Tools, strengths, abilities, freedom to create something in a way that only I can, so that I might add to His canvas.

Each day provides a new canvas we get to illuminate with art. Are we seizing those moments?

Do you know what your art is supposed to look like? What are your strengths? Are you doing what you’re supposed to do simply because that’s just what you were created for… like the tree that blooms without fail? Are you painting your canvas each day with that creative gene your Creator built into you?

This morning I had to choose to pick up the paintbrush for this day and run to my canvas. I don’t know if I’ll leave a smudge or a thing of beauty. I am not painting to succeed, or for accolades, but simply because my soul is drawn to it.

And, canvases were not meant to be blank.

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