The Fearless Experiment

This girl right here. Her name is Lindsay McPhail.

We have been friends for many moons! My kids were toddlers when she came into our lives. One of my fondest memories with her is singing at her wedding. Yes…I used to sing. She married a fantabulous man, C.J.. C.J. and my husband were two of three men who planted the large church in Southern Oregon that we left four years ago to serve at Cross Point Church.

But back to this girl. She is every shade of wonderful, godly, smart, funny, beautiful, encouraging, wise. I’m not blowin’ smoke. I’m totes serious. Also, she just wrote a book called, The Fearless Experiment: Living outside the lines. And let me tell you…this book is gonna change women! I know it to the bottom of my toes! You know why? Because everything she writes about speaks to the thoughts I know we women wrestle with every. single. day.

You feel stuck? You feel bored? Or even scared that maybe you’re not where you’re supposed to be? This book is for you. Please trust me. I would never steer you wrong, friends!

Also, I’m giving away a copy!!! Simply comment why you might feel stuck, bored, or scared right now in your life. I will randomly select a comment on Wednesday using random number generator to select a winner. So, good luck!

The Fearless Experiment!


22 thoughts on “The Fearless Experiment

  • Sounds like I so need this! Lots of fear of the unknown with my health, my hub’s job loss and the blow it has taken to him personally, and just raising a family in the midst of this craziness!

  • I’m feeling very defeated having quitting my photography business to be years ago to stay at home and working at Home Depot part time to make a dollars an hour and I even quit that because I couldn’t handle it now my husband and I are facing bankruptcy recoupment going to her church because we didn’t agree down in our hearts with what was going on there.. I don’t know what to do I feel like my feet are in cement I’m afraid of what I’m dreaming of furniture for my family and for myself I pray but I feel like he’s not there not listening I read my Bible but my eyes just go over the words without them going to my heart.. Guess I just need a good old-fashioned healing

    • Juie..First, I am so sorry for all that you are going through right now. I hope that Lindsay’s book encourages you because you just won it. Random Number Generator selected your comment…#3.
      Email me at and include your mailing address. I will get the book to you right away!!


      • @TamHodge how amazing! i cant wait to dive in and get reading. earlier this week i was feeling so down and im embarrassed about it but i guess we all have these times at some point. thank you so much! i am starting a blog and hopefully will be joining this lovely little community of faithful, encourgaing, and inspiriting community of the Lord’s ladies!

  • I could use this book! Eight months ago we adopted two kids, and I still feel scared and overwhelmed about our new family dynamic.

  • Hmmmm, sounds wonderful. Currently, I must admit, I’m a bit bored, thankful, but admittedly bored. I trust Him. This is just the place I’m residing in for however long this season lasts.

  • I’m a SAHM of two amazing children, ages 2&5. I feel like I’m in a rut of doing the same thing everyday. Ordering, cleaning cooking, being a referee, and everything else. I know this is what I’ve been called to do but why do I feel so frustrated and stuck. My husband just started a new job and has the potential to do amazing things but we aren’t sure when the money will really start coming in.. Living my faith can be so fearful….

  • I loved reading this! I have felt stuck lately because I’m in the stage of my life of trying to move on. I’ve finally applied to Mercy Ministries and I’ve felt scared and stuck since that night. Ive tried doing it on my own for so many years and haven’t gotten anywhere far. I move one step forward and 3 steps back.

  • Would live to read this book! As a mother of 3 life is never boring but fear is a whole other thing!

  • This sounds like a phenomenal book! I’m currently feeling stuck with needing to try and control everything instead of trusting God with my life and kids, relationship and all the bells and whistles that go with it.

  • I would love to read this, she is so inspiring. I often fear I’m on the wrong path but God keeps pulling through for me and my family. He knows what I’m capable of and I just need to trust him and believe in myself.

  • Looks like just what I need! I have been restling with how stuck and bored I am right now. Trying to figure out what I even enjoy to do now that my kids are almost grown and feel healed from my divorce four years ago after 20 years of marriage. Eager to move into what God designed me to do next and it’s a little scarey!

  • Yes, I seem to be in a rut in all aspects of my life. I appreciate the opportunity to win and read your friend’s book.

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