This girl right here. Her name is Lindsay McPhail.

We have been friends for many moons! My kids were toddlers when she came into our lives. One of my fondest memories with her is singing at her wedding. Yes…I used to sing. She married a fantabulous man, C.J.. C.J. and my husband were two of three men who planted the large church in Southern Oregon that we left four years ago to serve at Cross Point¬†Church.

But back to¬†this girl. She is every shade of wonderful, godly, smart, funny, beautiful, encouraging, wise. I’m not blowin’ smoke. I’m totes serious. Also, she just wrote a book called, The Fearless Experiment: Living outside the lines. And let me tell you…this book is gonna change women! I know it to the bottom of my toes! You know why? Because everything she writes about speaks to the thoughts I know we women wrestle with every. single. day.

You feel stuck? You feel bored? Or even scared that maybe you’re not where you’re supposed to be? This book is for you. Please trust me. I would never steer you wrong, friends!

Also, I’m giving away a copy!!! Simply comment why you might feel stuck, bored, or scared right now in your life. I will randomly select a comment on Wednesday using random number generator to select a winner. So, good luck!

The Fearless Experiment!


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