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I gotta be honest – I knew when my book released it would resonate with women. I knew I would get private messages and emails from women on the verge of giving up and walking away. I knew secrets would be revealed to me. I knew anger would be unleashed because a safe place had been offered. And all these things are an answer to bold prayers offered throughout the years! For this I am so very grateful.
I knew some men would read the book, as well, but I didn’t know how they’d respond.

When men tell you they cried real tears that fell on the pages of your book – it rips your heart in two.
When they tell you they had to put the book down to go immediately to my young daughter’s room to scoop her up and hug her like never before – it leaves you speechless.
When they tell you their heart is crushed for women going through what you went through and they want to go save them all – it blows you away.

The amount of men who’ve purchased my book, read it, and reached out has knocked me off my feet. And their responses have spoken volumes to me.

There are men reading my story who had no idea we, women, actually have endured some of the experiences and abuses I write about. They just don’t know. And my guess it’s either because they are oblivious (that’s a woman joke that only we get) Or…and I suspect this one to be more accurate, because we won’t let them in. Our fears have built a wall that even the strongest of men can’t break down. And that is not their fault.

So, I’d like to stress something to some women right now.

Women – If you’ve been hurt by a man in your past…Boyfriend, father, relative, husband, Pastor, any man…I want you to know that that does not make all men your enemies. That does not make all men a threat. I say in my book that I got to a place where I could no longer convict others for someone else’s crime.

Women – if you are having a tough time telling someone close to you about your past, your fears, your regrets…and if that someone is a man…please give them my book. Another common response by men is “I wonder if my wife has these secrets? I don’t want her to hurt like that.”

Women – if you need help, courage, a jump start to telling someone close to you about your past, let my book help prepare their hearts for it. I really believe it will help them understand the depth of your hurt and the courage it takes to confess. I believe this with everything I’ve got.

So if you’ve been wanting to confess and have been searching and agonizing over how to begin, this is a good place to start.

Give it some thought and prayers and let me know how I can help.

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