This Could Be Yours!

IT’S HERE!!! Our big surprise!
You may win this!!!

Screen shot 2014-11-23 at 8.38.49 PM

A Kindle Fire HD 7

I know, right?!

Remember how I wrote about all of us being the bookstore? Well this is a chance for me to thank you for being a part of this team and getting the word out! And if you haven’t read my book yet, it’s a chance for you to be a part of the team!

How so, you ask??

Would you be willing to do 3 things…

Purchase And Now I Choose in paperback or Kindle ebook
Leave a review on Amazon
Share about it on your favorite Social Media site

Easy. Peasy.

Then come back here, and in the comments, let me know how you were able to participate. This includes anyone who has already purchased the book. 

Now for the cool part…

Each book purchased equals 2 entries. Yes, TWO ENTRIES!
Each Kindle equals 1 entry.

Buy as many as you want. The more you buy the more entries you get. It’s Christmas time – buy the book for your family and friends, doctor, favorite cashier, student leader, Oprah… there are no limits, people!

On December 7th we will use Random Number Generator to pick a winner from the comments below… where you will have entered. On December 8th we will announce the winner!

I hope it’s YOU!!!!


26 thoughts on “This Could Be Yours!

  • I’m still reading your story, so amazing. Many tears on my face. Thanks Tammy for being so open about your life. Oh, I did buy it as a Kindle book. Jamey

  • Bought the actual book :), reviewed it on Amazon and shared on Facebook. Amazing story! Thank you for sharing so intimately! <3

  • Hey Tam,
    Just bought the book. Can’t wait to read it. I remember the 90’s with you and Brent. Remember breaking the glow in the dark sticks?…….LOLOL….good times!

    Do you assign me a number or is it random?

    • Brent and I were JUST sharing that glow stick story with some friends last week! That is funny!!
      Picking the winner will be as easy as numbering the eligible comments and using the site, Random Number Generator. Say we end up with 10 eligible comments… then I will enter “1-10” on the site and it’ll spit out a randomly selected number for me. Voila, we will have the winner!

  • Bought on kindleReviewed on Amazon and I thought for a change I would put it on Pinterest besides Facebook!

  • Bought and shared baby… love you and words can’t express how proud of you I am! You have paved the way for so many others to be free … almost nothing more important than to be free to be who we were created to be… Love you!

  • Bought, shared (I share most if your posts!). One special day I’ll finally get to meet you…and get your autograph!

  • Bought physical copy on Amazon, left review and shared on Twitter. Thank you for opening your heart. Even if it only helped one other, it’s worth it, but I think this will touch many 🙂

  • Bought a paperback so I could pass it on! Starting it in Kindle & a big, fat share on Facebook! Loving it. Thank you for being obedient & sharing your story, Tam!

  • * Bought one last week sometime for a Christmas gift for a friend that could really benefit from reading it!!!* Reviewed it on Amazon.
    * Shared it on Twitter! 🙂

  • Bought the book and am purchasing one now for a friend also.
    Shared on Instagram and Facebook.

    Wasn’t able to put a review on Amazon cause I have never purchased anything on there. :/

    But I am loving your book. I am not one to finish a book in just a few days or reread a book, but both are definitely going to happen with yours.

    Thank you for your openness and vulnerability and truth, and God’s truth….all of it that you poured into it.

  • Ii bought it for my kindle. Almost done reading it. Reviewed and shared on FB.
    Thank you for sharing your story it was a humble honor to be able to in a small way join you on your journey to healing in Christ.

  • I bought it from you, and you signed it with a kiss lol:) love your guts and couldn’t be more proud of your courage and strength!!!!!!!!!!Excited to see how God uses this book to speak life and encouragement to others!!!!!

  • Bought your book:). Getting ready to review on Amazon and post on FB. Love you friend and so proud of you!!!

  • I just ordered your book in paperback (my favorite cause I’m an old school kinda girl). Can’t wait to get it and read over the holidays!

  • Just purchased on my Kindle and posted review on Amazon. Shared on FB. Can’t wait to read your story! I can already relate. Thank you for your courage and strength in writing this. God has big plans for you!

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