I am in tears while typing this. Friends, I hope you know me well enough, as well as you possibly can via social media, to know that I don’t jump on band-wagons. You see what I write, you hear me on occasion, you know what I am passionate about, you know I would much rather stand for something than fight against something. So, while this may appear as a “fight against” – it is not – it is a “Stand For”. And it is hardly a band-wagon.

I watched another video that has been released about ‪#‎PlannedParenthood‬[I will attach it at the end of this post] I can’t deny the words I am hearing on it, and they broke my heart. But it was the last few minutes that ripped my heart apart. And no, the irony of that description is not lost on me. As the doctors were sorting through the parts of aborted babies they were naming the organs, commenting on the legs, hands, eyeballs, all very identifiable human-people-boy-girl- body parts. Not fetus parts. Body parts. At the very end of the video one of them exclaims, very similarly to how one might in a birthing room as their child is born, “It’s a boy!”

Thank you for acknowledging that it is a person, sir. A no longer living person, mind you. But, you acknowledged it. And you did so with a bit of joy in your voice. This leaves me so conflicted, saddened, sick to my stomach. How can this be right? How can you go home and sleep soundly?

You don’t have to believe what I believe. You don’t have to have the same views and values I have. In fact, I love having people in my life who think differently than I do. But, Mr. Searching-Through-Baby-Parts-Recognizing-Its-Gender-Therefor-Placing-Some-Value-On-Its-‘Life'” are you fully at peace with your blatant disregard for that little boy you just identified as such? In one moment you, both, celebrated that life and took it away. How can that be?


This is cruelty of the worst kind. I cannot contain my tears as I sit here now, recalling my own times in the abortion clinic. I allowed this to happen. But I cannot stand for this any longer.

This has got to end. There is no need for this kind of procedure.

Abortion is not birth control!!!! 

Stop treating it like it is! How can we be so stupid? How can we be so damn heartless?!

People. Stand for these babies. Please.

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