1- When thinking of the offender your heart races and you feel anger rising within you. Sounds dramatic, but it’s a for sure sign. Don’t get me wrong, I understand the feelings of being hurt and abused. When recalling the offender you will always have a negative association at first. It’s the sting that never seems to fade away. It means you can still feel… and that’s good. But it’s when the feelings overtake you and you become someone you aren’t any longer… That is when you can know there is resentment living in you.

2- When you look, and hope, for bad things to happen to the offender. Lets be honest here – have you ever scrolled through FB and have seen someone having a bad day, and that someone happened to have hurt you badly, and you felt kinda happy about their sad post? That’s no bueno. That’s resentment. If we, as a society, are ever going to grow and push through this underlying dusting of hatred we seem to have for anyone, or anything, who thinks differently than us, or has hurt us, then we will continue to spiral down into a sad pit of people wearing badges that say, “But They Hurt Me And They Deserve To Pay!

3- If your thoughts are preoccupied with the offender… this is another sign. Not only a sign of resentment, but a feeling of inferiority. This is you putting yourself below someone else, giving them power over your thought-life. You are giving them your time. The only time on earth you have. And odds are, they aren’t spending their time thinking about you at all.

@@Resentment releases the moment you realize that forgiveness equals freedom and that you are the owner of your own feelings.@@

@@Forgiveness does not condone another’s behavior – it releases their power over you.@@

Letting go of resentment frees up your heart space for things that really matter. Harboring ill feelings and wishing the worst for someone else only makes you smaller. You were meant for better things.

Please do not allow an offense to rob you of your precious time, and purpose, on this earth.

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