I was sitting the other night, reflecting on all my years of life, lamenting over the loss of collagen. Perplexed by how slowly my toenails grow. Laughing at how friendships are still awkward at times yet still so beautiful and life-giving. Missing the moments when my kiddos would jump into our bed just to chat. Wait… they still do that. Then I quieted my mind for a second. Ok, a fraction of a second because that is hard-stuff-to-do. Have you ever tried to quiet your mind? Good gosh, nearly impossible. But in that fraction of a second I asked myself a question:

What is the most valuable lesson you have learned in all these years?


To love.

To love others. To love the ones who’ve hurt me. To love the ones who didn’t care that they hurt me. To love the ones who didn’t love themselves. To love the ones that seemed to love themselves too much. To love without question. To love when it hurts. To love without expectation. To even love me and all my uglies and all my not-so-uglies. To love because I am loved. To love because love has come to me at a very high price. To love because love is what transcends all languages.

@@A true act of love speaks more than a half-hearted praise@@

To love sets one free. To love permits your heart to see life in color… vibrant color. For me, to love is to openly express that God’s love has rescued me, undeservingly, but even-so, I will receive it and then give it back out.

I am still learning to do that without question. And I am learning that @@When I love more, I live more.@@

So I ask you… What is the most valuable lesson you have learned in all your years?

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