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It’s a Housewarming Party!
You have just entered through the doors of We have had this urlย secured for years but have finally made it a home. And by we I mean Brent. Friends, I tell you, that man of mine is nothing short of spectacular! He has put in countless hours on my book and this blog. Please give him some love!

You might notice there isn’t much blog content here. Ok…there isn’t any. This is my clean slate. My family and me are embarking on a new journey this season. And with that, why not start over with a new blog! It kinda feels great!

What will you find here in the future? Honesty. Lots of honesty. Honesty about life, ministry, the uglies that no one wants to talk about, parenting. You will find humor because humor is my favorite. And you will find a safe place to land. This isn’t just my home – it’s your home. This is our living room. Lets all pull up a chair and get real with each other.

Oh, and one more thing! If you’ve made it this far in the post then you have just made it possible for you to win a free autographed copy of my new book And Now I Chooseย that launches Friday, November 14th (My Birthday!!!)ย All you have to do is three things…

*Subscribe to this blog (enter your email in the sidebar “subscribe” option. Not available on mobile devices.)
*Invite your friends to our new home.
*And share what you want most for Christmas this year! And don’t say world peace. I’m talking gifts here, people!

Winner will be decided by Random Number Generator.

That’s it, friends. And, Welcome home!!!

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