Welcome To Our New Home!

It’s a Housewarming Party!
You have just entered through the doors of Tamhodge.com. We have had this url secured for years but have finally made it a home. And by we I mean Brent. Friends, I tell you, that man of mine is nothing short of spectacular! He has put in countless hours on my book and this blog. Please give him some love!

You might notice there isn’t much blog content here. Ok…there isn’t any. This is my clean slate. My family and me are embarking on a new journey this season. And with that, why not start over with a new blog! It kinda feels great!

What will you find here in the future? Honesty. Lots of honesty. Honesty about life, ministry, the uglies that no one wants to talk about, parenting. You will find humor because humor is my favorite. And you will find a safe place to land. This isn’t just my home – it’s your home. This is our living room. Lets all pull up a chair and get real with each other.

Oh, and one more thing! If you’ve made it this far in the post then you have just made it possible for you to win a free autographed copy of my new book And Now I Choose that launches Friday, November 14th (My Birthday!!!) All you have to do is three things…

*Subscribe to this blog (enter your email in the sidebar “subscribe” option. Not available on mobile devices.)
*Invite your friends to our new home.
*And share what you want most for Christmas this year! And don’t say world peace. I’m talking gifts here, people!

Winner will be decided by Random Number Generator.

That’s it, friends. And, Welcome home!!!

50 thoughts on “Welcome To Our New Home!

  • I LOVE baking and cooking! This year I want recipe books! I need a newer car since mine is 98 and still my first but that is too expensive so recipe books will have to do!

  • Am I the first?! Awesome! It looks so great, Tam 🙂 (and Brent)
    If money was no object, I’d like a diamond. I don’t have one.

    • Like, a diamond in a wedding band?
      My diamond ring busted years ago. I still have the diamond safely stored away. I wear a $20.00 CZ stone from TJ Maxx and I get so many compliments on it. Tho, I’d much rather be wearing my real one.

      • Yes. The amethyst fell out of mine 5 months ago, so I’ve been wearing a stand in too. I told Adam it was about time I got an eternity ring anyway 😉

  • So very excited to read your book! It is on my list to buy the day it comes out!
    Christmas is still weeks away! I haven’t thought of that yet, but if I had to choose something, I would love to take my kids to Disneyland. None of us have ever been! (:

  • Love the new home. Ordered my copy and can’t wait to start reading it next week!! Thanks for sharing your story and congrats. My Christmas wish would be a trip to the beach!

    • A trip to the beach is my daily wish =D I Miss the beach so much!!
      And thank you for supporting the book – it means so much to us!!

  • I want socks for Xmas. Seriously. Socks that actually match, do not have holes and do not belong to my husband. Yes, socks would make me very happy. 🙂

    • SO funny!!! I was just digging through my sock drawer and it hit me how long it’s been since I’ve purchased any. Why do we not buy those regularly?? Go out and get yourself some! 😉

  • So excited for you, girl.
    Sarah, I totally get you. Socks are my favorite.

    This year I want my honey to get his promotion. The money would be nice for sure. But, really I just want him to change squads so his days off fall on Thanksgiving and Christmas. And then I would like to haveThanksgiving again on the date of my choosing next year.

    It’s not too much, right?

    Did I say, CONGRATULATIONS? So cool. Can’t wait to read the book.


    • I am hoping he gets that promotion, friend! And, no, it isn’t too much to ask. I would ask the same!!

  • Aloha! I love this. I have been rethinking of going my blog a do-over. Coz I really miss writing.
    Aaaaaand I am so excited to read your new book. 🙂 I’m glad to have been able to follow you on your journey through reading your blog and twitter, meeting you IRL, watching God open doors for you to move from Oregon to Nashville and now seeing how God is using you there! He is so very faithful. And your journey has been amazing thus far.

    For Christmas, I’d like to be able to buy tickets for my family to visit my mother in law WA. She has liver cancer & I’d love for my hubs and kids to spend time with her.

    And I want the Michael kors wedges that I’ve been eye-ing for over a year now. LOL!

    • Oh, friend!!!
      I am so sorry about your mom. Praying you all get to see her soon!!! Please keep me updated on her??

      Love you! And so glad to know you!

  • Congratulations Tammy!For Christmas I’d love a trip to the beach since we didn’t get to go this year. I did already ask for a cleaning lady to do deep cleaning on our house though!

    • YES! Beach is always at the top of my list…along with bubble wrap. I ain’t kiddin 😉
      I hope you get there soon!!!

  • WOW, the last time I subscribed here was in 2007.***Home****

    Thanks Brent!

    (make sure you email me how to to promote this amazing book to all my west coaster peeps)

    Christmas? already? wasn’t it just Easter?

    New camera lens and an editing software better than I have.

    Love you SIS!!!

    • 2007??? That is so crazy long ago! But I remember it all. You were one of my first online friends. Man…and here we still are. So incredible!!
      Love you, Heidi!

  • I just saw your new home in my news-feed! I am so excited for you and will be buying your book when it comes out. I am anxious to read it, yet still awed by it. You are amazing for writing out your journey, simply incredible. I pray happiness for you and your sweet family. Oh for Christmas?? Since we moved to Tennessee I have wanted a rocking chair! haha I feel that I can sit outside and do my devotionals and soak up this sweet beauty you guys have here..but I am the only one in this state that bought a house with no front porch. So my hubby says I would look like a dork in my driveway in a rocking chair!

    • HA!!! You would NOT look like a dork =) We don’t have a porch either. We’ve been known to pull our grill, lawn chairs, and tables to our drive-way to have friend gatherings. Girl, get your chair and rock-a-way! You can find them for sale at Cracker Barrel 😉
      And thank you for your encouraging words!!!

      OH – And welcome to Tennessee!!!

    • I hope you get your sectional! We’ve had ours for four years. Its name is Brownie. People talk about it. I’m not kidding. We have guests over and after they leave they will text us telling us they miss Brownie. I mean, the couch has more impact than we do.

  • Your blog is a breath of fresh air! Subscribed= done! I am trying to convince my husband to buy us (me) a really nice camera for Christmas! Everyone needs one of those, right?! ;)www.rootedinsalt.com

      • Nope! Just a gal that likes to capture moments!! Thank you for visiting me blog .. it means a lot! Can’t wait to read your book … we share a few things in common that is why I know it will be a HUGE blessing to me! 🙂

        • Aisha, you won a copy of And Now I Choose!
          Random Number Generator picked your comment =)

          I pray the book encourages you and speaks to you exactly how God intends.

          Email me your address and I will get it to you next week. Congratulations!


          • Oh my gosh!!! Really? I’ve never won a thing in my life!!! I am SO excited! Will email now! Thanks, random number generator!! 🙂

  • Congrats on the book! Wishing for Christmas: Fresh powder, a long down jacket & quality time over cups of coffee.

    • I hope you’re not getting two comment notifications but I’m not sure that my reply to you actually went to you. So…just in case
      Thanks, Jill!

      I’m new to real winters – so I’m thinking fresh powder means snow? My first thought was powder make-up, and I’m like…me too!! 😉 Hope you get both!

  • Thanks, Jill!
    I’m new to real winters – so I’m thinking fresh powder means snow? My first thought was powder make-up, and I’m like…me too!! 😉 Hope you get both!

  • I’m in – congrats Tammy! So excited for and proud of your accomplishment!
    After cleaning out all my closets last weekend and realizing I have way too much “stuff” already, I’d like to take a really special trip with my girl. Making memories with her is priceless….and doesn’t take up any more closet space 😉

    xoxo Tammy

    • Thanks, girl!! We are so crazy excited!
      I think a trip would be perfect. Think of the amazing memories you’d make together…you are such a good mama!

  • I read about you on Crystals blog, and she is going to gift me a copy of your book! She is so sweet, would love to meet you both in person someday! Thanks for having the courage to write your story! I can’t wait to read it, and journey with you on your blog <3

    • Hi Stevi!
      I’m so glad for people like, Crystal. Goodness, she has one of the biggest hearts of anyone I know.

      Praying for you and hoping the book encourages you in some way. Please let me know!


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