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“When you have come to the point of forgiving yourself and accepting Gods forgiveness and complete love for you, you’ll find that each day will become easier to live. As the old ways and memories are being healed and worked through, your joy and hope begin to increase. You will eventually, one day, only be able to faintly recall the times you were in a deep pit of darkness, a slave to your past…The day will come when you can look at those times of hurt, regret, and the “old you” and ask yourself and God….”Ok, what are we going to do with this today?’ “Lord, how might You use my past for the benefit of someone else today?” The day will come when your personal victory will compel you to look outside yourself and urge you to reach out to others who need to hear your story…..”

by….me (2005)

A portion of the above quote made it into my first book, And Now I Choose.

And this is why I started coaching women who’ve found themselves trapped in their past.

I know victory is attainable!

If there can be generational sin, then there can be generational victories. Oh, yes, ma’am! And, sir.

Being an overcomer doesn’t erase the hardship, but it does empower you to rise above it and defeat its control over you.

We have more fight in us than we believe. Our emotional, physical and spiritual health are worth fighting for. Friends, we were meant for great things. We are not here by accident. You have a specific purpose for this time in history, on this planet, with your people and community. So give it the best of you!



What do you need to be fighting for?



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