I love me a good ole “saying”. 

My get up and go got up and went.

6 in one hand, 1/2 dozen in the other.

To hell in a hand basket.

Ok, I have no idea what the last one means. But the following is one that my grandmother, Baba, had hanging on her wall. 

I remember in the 5th grade, sitting and reading that over and over and over, and I just could. not. get. it

The word that tripped me up the most was “it” at the end. I couldn’t figure out what “it” was! IT made no sense to me. And, oooooo, I’d get so upset. And my Baba, bless her heart, would try so hard to help me understand it, but, to no avail.

January, 1988 my grandmother passed away. After her funeral a few of us grandkids went back to our grandparents house to help our grandpa settle in for the night. He asked us to walk through the house, find something of our grandmothers that meant the most to us, and keep it.

i started my way down the long hall just beyond the kitchen… And there it was. Hanging on the wall directly in front of me… IT. I stopped to read it and I stood there, and I cried. I got it. I got “it”. It finally made sense to me!

In between the tears there was laughter as I recalled all the times Baba attempted to explain this simple little saying. I removed the plaque from the wall, wrapped it up gently and quietly left with the biggest smile on my face and my heart!

IT hangs in my kitchen today.

I hope you have IT today!

So, what’s your favorite saying?


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