I once had someone close to me tell me… You’re not the only one with a tough story, you know?
Yes. I know. And that is one of the exact reasons why I never gave up writing. Because lots of people with similar stories to mine feel alone. They feel that no one will understand what they’ve gone through, and so they say nothing.

I remember the day I told the four closest women to me that I had had abortions. Every single one of them shared something deep about themselves that same day. It only took one of us to open up for the others to feel safe to share.

Our redemption stories aren’t meant to be paraded around and glamorized for our own benefit. They’re to be shared so that others might be encouraged and strengthened to see that there is hope somewhere in their hopelessness. And perhaps hearing that right story at the right time will be just what the need to reach for that hope.

So, no…I am not the only one with a tough story. And, honestly, that breaks my heart. But what fills my heart is knowing that there is a community here that can share anything because this is a safe place.

We put my story out there to encourage, inspire, and to challenge the reader to believe they have the power to choose to move beyond hurt, pain, guilt, regret, and unforgiveness. But, more than that, so they can see the redemptive power of a mighty God who chooses to love us even when we feel unlovable.

This is why I told my story.


What’s your story?

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