Christ died once for all.
All Lives Matter.

I have to be honest here. It breaks my heart to see sides upon sides upon sides. People pitted against other people because of skin color, different opinions, unshared passions and convictions. When one is so tightly armed to one side I do not feel there is room to be embraced if I see things differently. When your knuckles are turning blue from your grip there is no way to lock fingers with the very person who may want to learn from you or, possibly, have something to teach you.

If we wish to be teachers – be teachable.

If we wish to be respected in our community – live as a respectable person.

If we wish to be listened to – speak words worthy to be heard.

If we wish to bridge gaps – be the pathway of love that invites a beautiful collision of all.

You may think I am over-simplifying this. But I believe to my very core that it starts with me, with you, with one person…being the change we want to see.

This whole one side against the other and one side, seemingly, mattering more than others…it has to stop. Because that is not cultivating equality and unity. I think it’s causing dissension. The very thing that is being fought against.

You want to make a difference? Stand for something rather than against something. Show me you’re a safe place to lock arms with because your stance is soft and inviting not stiff and close-minded.

This is exactly why I will not publicly affiliate with an abortion side. If I choose a side it immediately alienates a large part of the community and communication with them will cease.

It’s not about a side. It’s about love. As long as we tend to the sides we feed the ugly monster of power. But when our allegiance is love – we feed and nurture love.

Call me simple-minded. Perhaps unfit to even speak on this topic. But I have love for all and will embrace all till my dying day. Because we all matter.

You matter.

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