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Y’all… we had no idea we needed this vacation as much as we did! 

Brent and I got back from a 12 day “vacation” about a week ago. And we have returned brand new people. I didn’t even realize how empty my tank was until I got off the plane and took my first breath of beautiful Southern California smog. I ain’t even kidding. THEN, we got to the beach and I was done. Heaven on earth. 

I basically had this expression for 12 straight days

Because of this…

And this…

And then he did this…

Brent recreated our first date at the Crab Cooker in Newport Beach, CA. We sat at this exact table 26 years ago on our first date. He had borrowed a family friends Mercedes to chauffeur me around in. He treated me like royalty then… He still does to this day.

And then everywhere I turned and looked – I saw these.

I LOVE Palm Trees! Almost as much as I love the ocean. There is something so peaceful and comforting about them. 


I have no idea what Im doing here.

I have no idea what Im doing here.

But I do know I am praising my God here!!! 

But I do know I am praising my God here!!! 

I absolutely love speaking. I love sharing my crazy redemption story. I love to stand there, a hot mess, totally icky but beautiful (yes, we are beautiful!), scared but brave, a sinner but forgiven, lost but found, and in the shadow of a very good and gracious loving God!

These 12 days changed us. In a very good way. 

I know it isn’t always practical for people to take long vacations. I mean, this was our first in 14 years. But if you can steal away a couple days to do nothing but refill your tank – DO IT. You are worth it. You need it. It’s ok to admit you need it. It’s ok to do it. It not only benefits you, but it benefits those around you… and they probably want you to go away, too 😉

We will for sure be doing this again next year!

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