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“Don’t allow the negative opinions of others to scatter fear in your path.” – Money Saving Mom

“You have to speak your dreams into existence.” – Jeremy Cowart

I shared these quotes on Sunday just hours apart. The first one comes from my dear friend’s book and it just jumped off the page into my heart. ‪#‎MoneyMakingMom‬

The second was from our guest speaker at Cross Point Community Church this weekend. It was one of the last few words he shared with us… and they, too, jumped into my heart.

I love when people inspire and speak life and encouragement into others. People who share their own experiences, life lessons, and wisdom without hesitation because they simply want to help others.

This got me thinking… I know you all have some great life lessons and experiences yourselves. 

So, in one inspirational quote, share something here that you have learned, thus far, from your personal journey. Remembering the goal here is to encourage others.

I am looking forward to your encouragement!

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